SEO Your Title Tag For Search Engine Success
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SEO Your Title Tag For Search Engine Success

Posted by:Josh C onJuly 31, 2015

When building a website, one must take into account all the search engine optimization techniques that can be applied. Today i’m going to show you how to use best practices to optimize your html’s title tag. It’s time to take back your spot in the search engines. This requires a basic knowledge of html. Lets get started!

What Is A Title Tag

Title tags, also called title elements, are used to define the title of a web page. It is an important piece of information used for SEO and social sharing. It is meant to be a concise and relevant description of what a page is about. The title tag is the single most important on page SEO factor you can utilize for your website.

Title tags are created in between the head elements of your html document and should be a maximum of 70 characters long:

<title>Example Title</title>

Where Do Title Tags Show Up?

In The Search Engine Results Pages (SERPS)

Anyone that uses the internet, has probably seen hundreds of title tags per day, without even knowing it. Title tags are used on Search Engine Results Pages to display a brief description of what a page is about. Often search engines such as google or yahoo, will overwrite your title for one they deem more relevant an concise to that specific page. In the Google example below, each blue link above the green website url is considered the title tag for the web page.
search engine optimization for title tags

Within The Browser Tabs

Title tags are used in the tabs of browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla, Internet Explorer, and Safari. It’s purpose is to give a short description of what the page is about.

seo title in browser tab

How To Write Your Own Title Tags

Writing good title tags is imperative for ranking well in the search engines. I will now show you a few examples of great titles and provide some useful tips to help you write them.

When writing title tags you should generally use this format:

Primary Keyword – Secondary Keyword | Brand Name

Good Titles

Concrete Driveways, Patios – New Brighton MN – Creative Concrete Inc.

Criminal Defence Lawyers | Washington | The CDL Group

Dentist, Cosmetic Dentistry | Nebraska | DesignSpree

Furniture Store – Northern NJ, Bergen County & Princeton | Comfortable For Life

Engagement Rings, Diamonds, Design, Appraisals | Hudson Wisconsin | The Jewelry Kings

Bad Titles

When writing title tags there are a few common mistakes that many people use. Here are a few things to try to avoid and some bad title tags to go along with them:

  • Home page in title tag
  • Domain name in title tag
  • Too long of a title
  • Too short of a title
  • No keywords in title
  • Just the business name in title
  • Not placing most important keywords up front
  • Not using geographic location, if they are a local business
  • Too many keywords. Spammy
  • Repetitive Keywords

Home Page | | A place to find cool cars

Title tag is too short. Make sure it is between 55 and 70 characters long

Furniture | Minnesota

Don’t make your title just your business name.

Carpet Masters

Chiropractic Care & Chiropractic Services | Minneapolis MN Chiropractic Care | High Mountain Chiropractic

West Hills Dentist | New York | Dentist


As you can see, writing good title tags for your website is imperative for ranking well in the search engines and portraying a clear and concise message to your audience. Like everything, getting good at writing title tags takes practice. With a little practice and determination you will be creating awesome title tags in no time!

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