Responsive Website Design & Development in Minneapolis

Our Minneapolis, MN responsive website developers specialize in designing websites that looks great on any device. Whether you are on a phone, tablet, or PC your site will reformat itself to look absolutely fantastic. We use the latest technology to build high quality performance driven websites that look amazing to the end user.

  • Look Good On A Phone Or Tablet
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Easy To Manage
  • Google Says So
  • Better Experience For End User
  • Javascript/jQuery
  • Cost Effective
  • HTML5/CSS3

Why does my site need to look good on a phone or tablet?

Better Experience for End User

When a new visitor lands on your website, your main goal should be to provide them with an amazing experience. If your site is hard to navigate and does not reformat to their device, they will be prone to leave your site right away and go to another site that looks better on their device.

Google Says So

Google covers 67% of the market share. Google states that responsive web design is its recommended mobile configuration, and even goes so far as to refer to responsive web design as the industry best practice for optimal user experience. And because Google is placing such a big emphasis on user experience in regards to ranking, this is very important to take into account for SEO.

Easy To Manage

We build easy to manage sites. We use the same HTML for our desktop, mobile, and tablet websites. That means you will have only one site to manage for all devices. If we had separate sites for each device then we would have to use different SEO campaigns for each site also. We also use a Content Management System that allows you to go onto your site and edit pages, blog posts, testimonials, pictures, and more. Once you make this change on your site, it will reflect upon your site on every device. As you can see, having an easy to manage site is a direct result of responsive design.

Cost Effective

When you have a single website that conforms to the need of all devices instead of having two separate websites, the savings can be substantial. Sites that are designed solely for mobile devices don’t offer the advanced navigational tactics found in traditional websites, and they also require the user to maintain two separate websites. As you can imagine, two separate websites will cost more for hosting, development, maintenance, and more. This is just one more reason why having the same website for all devices is so important for the success of your company.

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