Our Process

From the moment you contact us our entire team is working together to deliver you the best experience possible . From the consultation and meeting, industry research, creating the spec doc, wireframes and graphic design, coding and development, testing and integration, SEO, maintenance and more, you are there every step of the way watching your website grow and develop into something spectacular.


Consultation And Meeting

We start our process with an extensive interview with the client. We go over your goals, industry, and expectations. Our main goal at this point in time is to ask questions and to listen. We want to get to know you and what you want. We then talk about how we can help you get to where you want to be and the steps we will take to get your there. We go through an in depth overview of our process and what each step entails.

Research The Industry

We continue the process by having our marketing strategists research the client's industry to make sure we are covering all relevant content on the website and using appropriate marketing techniques on the site to best reach the target audience. We research your competition and what makes them successful or unsuccessful. We study top ranked and high traffic websites that are in your industry to see what techniques they use. We filter through the good and bad that way we can bring you that much closer to success.

Spec Doc

At this phase in the process our project manager will communicate with you to create a spec doc. This is a document on how your website should perform and contains the content that is supposed to be on each page of the site. This is roughly put together at first and is not word for word. At this point in the process our project manager will get information from you that you want on the site. Normally this includes information about you, your business, contact information, etc. Our copywriters will go through this content and rewrite it to be clear and concise and also to persuade a person or group as well as raise brand awareness. If you don’t have a lot of information for us that is fine, because our marketing analysts have researched your industry and put together relevant content that should be on your site.

Wireframes and Graphic Design

At this point in the process, our graphic designer will put together wireframes for your site. Wireframes are put together by experienced photoshop professionals who have one goal in mind: to create the site exactly how you envision it. This is a visual representation of your site on how it will look. Nothing will be functional because this is just for visual purposes to make sure your site is how you want it to look.


The next step in the process is the coding and development stage. At this point, our developers will write the actual code for your site so it can function. They will make sure your site looks and functions good in every major browser. This includes: Safari, Mozilla, Internet Explorer, Opera, Chrome, and more. They will also set up what is known as a content management system. A content management system will allow you to make minor changes to your site, edit page content, write blog posts, and more. You can do all this without having to worry about messing up your site.

Testing And Integration

At this stage in the process we go live with your website. We test the cross browser compatibility, video, and responsive web design. We make sure your website looks good across all devices. This includes: computers, iPads, mobile phones, and more. We also test all the features of your website to make sure nothing breaks on the site.

Search Engine Optimization

At this stage in the process are SEO analysts will take your website and implement SEO strategies and best practices across the site. They will implement social media strategies and modify the content on your site to be SEO friendly. They will also perform other social media strategies across the web to help advertise your business and drive more traffic to your site. At this point you will learn about optional, cost effective ways to advertise your website using tools such as Google Adwords and more.

Maintenance And More

After your site is completed we can still help you! We offer affordable packages to maintain and update the security on your site. We can also make changes to your site on an as-needed basis. We can also re-evaluate your business goals and results after a certain amount of time or on a regular basis so we can constantly evolve your site and make sure you are hitting the number of visitors you want. We want to be your one stop shop for everything web related!

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