Local SEO in Minneapolis

Our Minneapolis, Minnesota local SEO experts will stop at nothing to get your local business website the kind of traffic that it deserves. Local Search SEO is the kind of SEO you perform for businesses that want to rank well in the local search engines for their location. The SEO strategies utilized for this are different than other website SEO campaigns. We have to take a local approach instead of a global one. Local SEO requires getting your company listed in directories, social media accounts, reviews from local customers, and more. Once we have gotten your website ready for the search engines, we have monthly maintenance plans to continuously work on getting your website to the top of the search engines for your location and keeping it there!


Local Strategies We Implement

Location Specific Content

We build location specific content for your site with proper keyword density. This is important so you don’t get penalized in the SERPS. We use your location with variations of your keyword in the title tag, header, image filename, image alt tag, body, meta description, and more.

Schema.org and Rich Snippets

We use specific HTML markup on your pages to tell the search engines about your brand, location, and business. This markup is strategically coded and placed on your site, that way it sticks out in the local market and search engines.

Social Media Helps

We get your business set up on all the major social media sites that way your website can start gaining traction in the search engines through the use of backlinks and indirect marketing strategies.

Customer Reviews

We generate and encourage your customers to give reviews on Google, Yahoo, and Bing. The reviews in turn will boost your site and help push it to the top.

Directory Listings

We add your site to relevant directories that will advertise your site. The more your site is displayed across the web, the better your chances to rank well in the search engines.

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